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Editing doesn't work yet
2015-08-25 00:59:24

Since editing apparently doesn't work yet I'll just have to paste a picture of the admin panel in this post ;).

Screenshot of the new admin panel

My own CMS?
2015-08-25 00:52:50

It's been a while, again. This time I have something really new to show. After last post I started to try something with PHP on the homepage. Which resulted in grabbing the articles you see right from a database. But writing in a phpmyadmin instance isn't much fun, so I've recently started building my own CMS. I already have way too many ideas to build into this, it should keep me occupied for the forseeable future.

It doesn't look that fancy as you can see, but this part of the site is only for personal use (for now..). I can write new articles in a handy CKeditor instance. The editor works great and has all the functions I need. I can also edit existing articles and remove articles, which is very useful while testing this stuff.

I am planning to make an article section (which is already mostly done), a category section and a pages section in the admin panel. The pages panel should finally solve the 'link1, link2...' problem in the menu of this site. That is, if I can find something else to put on this site.

Some oddities
2015-03-24 00:00:00

This site is old. This design is old. This code is old. In fact, I started working on this site two years ago. February 2013. Man it was ugly. I've put a lot of work into the design of the frontpage (still the only page in existence).

More to the point, since the site is this old, I look at the code in a different way. As every programmer does years after writing their code, I find many faults. It baffles me that this site works in Internet Explorer 8 and up. I must say though, it's not too bad. I feel like i've rewritten the whole site a couple of times since it's birth in 2013.

As you can see, I've started a new chapter in building this site, about time if I say so myself. I'm trying to build a (cheap-ass) CMS for myself. For my final paper on school I have build a browsergame with a friend of mine. I'll write something about it in another article ;). The game was build in PHP and heavily relied on databases. Which got me interested in something like this, because frankly, the site is in a very sad state right now.

I might have to do something about those links at the top after all this time.

Small update...
2013-11-05 00:00:00
The site is coming together now, a lot of the main framework is done, which makes it really easy to edit and add new articles. I am really proud on myself for making a clear and easy to understand stylesheet including things like automatic articles, dates, etc.

This year I have taken IT class, although I already know a lot about programming and website design, there is always possibility to learn new things. In the first quarter of the year we focused on the Python programming language, which I can now write a simple script with :).
Now that we finished the Python course, we will be starting a HTML and CSS course. I am really interested in how it will turn out, mostly because I already know it, but I'm sure I will learn some new tricks along the way :D. Another promising thing is that this course has given me new inspiration to work on my website, so expect some updates in the coming weeks!

The first thing I would like to work on is making a footer and something that I came across while writing this article, a way to include images in articles. Fortunately it wasn't that hard (I did it while writing this article).. Something that also has high priority is making some diffrent pages because the menu is quite useless at the moment. The only problem with that is that I think of the ones I want. Maybe an 'about' page? Next, maybe think of something to fill in the blue space above the menu bar, although, I do like it like this. I also have to find something to fill my sidebar with, but I think I just found it ;).

- Arjan (Arkees)